The Indigenise Story

Indigenise emerged from the collective vision of Don Lyons, John Hunter, and Roberto Giunta. Their shared history of global collaboration laid the foundation, with impactful cultural exchanges between Australia and Turtle Island (North America) and strategic initiatives in business development.

Incorporated in 2021, Indigenise’s ambition was crystal clear: to empower Indigenous communities through holistic services in Wellness and Economic Development. The result is a dynamic international network of dedicated professionals, passionate about wellness, leadership, planning, and more.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted guide in empowering Indigenous nations, tribal entities, and partners through strategic planning, cultural navigation, and capacity-building services. We are committed to fostering positive relationships, facilitating collaboration, and providing tailored technical assistance and training that honor traditional knowledge and values. Through our dedication to leadership development and project management excellence, we strive to support sustainable growth and prosperity, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Indigenise is a dedicated Indigenous-serving organization committed to championing Nation-building, seamlessly blending wellness and economic vitality with the rich tapestry of Indigenous traditions. Our collaborative efforts span tribal nations, governmental bodies, and global sectors, fostering authentic relationships built on mutual respect and understanding.

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